Ben Chouiniere, Accounts Wizard

With over a decade of experience in the workforce management arena, Ben Chouiniere is known as the "Excel Genie" to his colleagues and friends.  Ben prides himself on tackling even the hardest data sets and focuses on giving his clients an effortless way to deal with data.  He attended Georgia Tech and the University of Phoenix where he received his degree in IT Networking. From there he pursued a career in forecasting and workforce management, utilizing his IT background to enhance his skillset. 

Something Personal: Ben enjoys camping with his wife and toddler daughter. His hobbies include painting, hiking and cooking.

Kim Flanagan, Legal Assistant

Kim Ray Flanagan has thirty years of experience in intellectual property, encompassing all aspects of administrative support in patent and trademark prosecution.

Kim's experience includes patent prosecution from inception up to and including issuance and maintenance fees, for both U.S. and foreign applications; assisting with U.S. and foreign trademark prosection; project management; docket maintenance; and domestic and international client relations. 

Something Personal: Kim is an avid organic gardener. She and her husband live on an urban farm and share their lives with ducks, chickens, rabbits, cats, and a cocker spaniel named Mollie. She is also passionate about travel, photography, textile arts, and landscape design.

Katherine Fletcher, Trademark Paralegal

Katherine Fletcher has over twenty years of experience as a trademark paralegal and consultant, covering all areas of trademark prosecution and maintenance. She has previously worked with law firms, large corporate clients and private clients.

Katherine's experience includes trademark clearance searches, determining proper specimens, application filings and maintenance. She is experienced with all manner of trademark documents to help assure that clients will secure strong registrations. 

Something Personal: Katherine is a genealogist and also enjoys fossil hunting, gem mining and artifact collecting. She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains and is an avid hiker.