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Consulting + Legal Expertise + Technology = the Most Efficient Management of Intellectual Assets and Corporate Identity

As much as 85% of the market capitalization of today's Fortune 500 now lies in intellectual property. Likewise, the value of your business resides mostly in intangibles. You must optimize the value of your intellectual assets to achieve your company's highest potential.

We are a national firm well suited to acquiring, managing, and protecting your intellectual property, whether it be trademarks, patents, copyrights, domain names, or trade secrets. We have brought together business-oriented attorneys working for a common goal: to improve your bottom line by optimizing online application services and electronic practices, without sacrificing accessibility and attention to detail. You won't pay for the overhead of a traditional law firm. That means you won't be walking into a handsome lobby or be escorted to a stately corner office. We're betting you won't miss these things.

Before you can optimize your company's intellectual property, you have to know exactly what you have and what can be exploited. You have to be confident that no piece of the IP is going to "fall through the cracks", that you have ready access to information about its status on the proprietary timeline, that all maintenance deadlines have been met, and that all associated licenses are available and up-to-date. That's where Symbus comes in.

Symbus is a one-stop resource for intellectual asset management and optimization. Our lawyers can acquire, prosecute, license and protect these assets. Using our online tool, IP EDGE, you have access to complete status information about all of your trademarks anywhere in the world. In the foreseeable future, our online management system will be extended to patents and other assets.

Our attorneys think like entrepreneurs. Our attorneys look for solutions, not obstacles; at the same time, they exercise the independent, objective judgment required by their profession. All senior attorneys have more than fifteen years of specialty experience; we cover every patent field, as well as trademarks, copyrights, and domain names. We are affiliated with Symbus professionals in foreign countries around the world. Everyone at Symbus is devoted to keeping your bottom line front and center.

Whether you are a large company with a global portfolio, a start-up, or a small, growing company with just a trademark or two, we can help you optimally manage your intellectual assets.