Practice Areas

Patent Analysis

As part of the comprehensive set of IP services furnished by Symbus, the firm and its members have wide-ranging experience in the areas of patent analysis and counseling. Specifically, the firm and its attorneys have considerable experience in tasks including searching, opinions, claim mapping, and design-around projects for clients ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 corporations.

The firm’s attorneys include practitioners who have served as patent Examiners at the PTO, and who have otherwise conducted a significant number of validity, infringement, and freedom-to-operate searches across a wide variety of technical fields. Symbus can be called upon to undertake those types of search projects for most electrical and mechanical arts, as well as others.  Symbus can perform all types of searches for a wide spectrum of budget ranges and timing needs.  You can be sure that every care will be taken to accurately locate and assess the state of the technical art for any of these kinds of search assignments. 

After search results are generated, Symbus attorneys are especially skilled and experienced in undertaking and rendering opinions on the validity, potential infringement, or freedom to operate in light of the discovered IP landscape for the technology of interest. That type of opinion product is informed by years of collective experience in evaluating these types of infringement and other positions in connection with IP litigation, corporate transactions, and long-term portfolio planning, among others.

The firm and its attorneys can likewise provide high-quality support in the areas of offensive and defensive claim mapping. The firm’s patent attorneys are able to provide an in-depth analysis of whether the scope of a patent covers a technology or product of interest. This kind of assignment is frequently useful to companies about to bring a significant product or technology to market, as well as considering potential enforcement options for a client’s existing portfolio to support a competitive advantage. Decades of combined patent prosecution experience undergird claim charting and related exercises performed by Symbus personnel.

Similarly, when clients have a need to perform a design-around to minimize the IP risks for a product or technology, Symbus and its attorneys bring the same level of experience and expertise to the task. Again many years of collective experience in responsible corporate, law firm, and Patent Office positions enable the firm’s attorneys to undertake a design-around project from beginning to end, allowing clients to incorporate IP risk management directly into their marketing strategy. Once again, experience in IP litigation, corporate licensing, and other transactions provides a solid practice base from which to help safely guide clients around the IP hazard points which they may from time to time encounter.