Practice Areas


Patents often represent an untapped source of revenue for companies large and small.  Symbus has experience in unlocking that value by tailoring custom monetization solutions for our clients.

We have deep capabilities in patent portfolio analysis and mapping patent claims as against potential licensing and/or enforcement targets.  We can assist with an overall portfolio review in order to assist in the selection of assets that may be most suitable for monetization.  In many cases, we will perform this review at no cost to our potential clients.  Once suitable assets have been identified, the next step is determine the overall strategy which may include licensing, sale, strategic relationships with third parties and/or some combination of the foregoing.

Symbus attorneys also have experience in developing and implementing licensing and enforcement programs for our clients that seek to actively assert their assets. The programs may involve monetization through selectively and strategically identifying targets and creating supporting evidence for claims. They may also involve targeted communication and engagement with selected licensing prospects as well as management of the overall licensing campaign.

In some cases, monetization activities may call for other strategies which either replace or supplement an assertion campaign. These strategies may include patent pool participation, strategic deals with dedicated assertion entities and/or direct litigation. Symbus attorneys have a great many contacts in the industry with whom we work in these matters. Our relationships include contacts that may provide litigation and assertion financing, lawyers and law firms that engage in contingency based litigation as well as entities that are dedicated solely to patent litigation and enforcement activities.