Practice Areas

Licensing & Acquisition

For companies with patents covering core and/or non-core technologies, we can help tailor a licensing strategy and program to the unique needs and goals of our monetization clients.  We have many industry contacts including those that can assist in financing monetization, those that have a track record of purchasing patent assets and other professionals that can enable a successful program.

We can also assist those seeking to acquire patent assets.  In this role, we may perform a landscape study to identify assets which meet the criteria for potential acquisition.  In addition, we can help assess the value of assets by assessing licensing potential in view of claim mapping against specified targets.  We have in the past assisted clients in acquiring patent assets on an undisclosed principal basis such that the potential seller is not aware of the potential purchaser’s identity until transaction terms are generally agreed to.

We can also assist in negotiating and structuring patent sales, patent acquisitions and patent licenses.  We offer strategic counseling in these areas along with tactical activities such as implementing licensing programs for our clients.