Law Firm


We are seasoned attorneys, mostly from large, traditional law firms and companies, who decided to practice law in an alternative environment to provide our clients with better, more cost-effective service.  At Symbus, we help you turn your ideas into intellectual property.  IP can be a company’s most valuable asset, and our goal is to help our clients create and increase the value of those assets.  As many of our attorneys have corporate experience, we approach that goal from both a legal and a business-oriented perspective.

At Symbus, the attorneys you work with have the experience to meet your needs.  We don't hire inexperienced associates, so you won’t be paying for on-the-job training or transferring your work to other attorneys without your approval, both common practices at traditional law firms.  

We have many dozens of years of combined experience, but you won’t pay exorbitant rates for that.  As a firm with low overhead, our rates are lower than the rates of larger firms.  At larger firms, attorneys with our level of experience often charge twice as much.  Moreover, we welcome alternative billing arrangements.  Much of our work is billed on a fixed fee or a capped fee basis.