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IP EDGE is a proprietary online trademark management system, which allows you to access your trademarks anywhere in the world in one place, and obtain up-to-the-moment status information. When action is taken by Symbus, data is updated on IP EDGE within one business day.

Suppose, for example, you are negotiating a trademark license in Canada. In seconds you can be certain that your trademarks are registered in that country, and you can see up-to-date status information without having to consult with your attorney, with the attendant delays and legal fees. IP EDGE does more than organize information; it improves your bottom line.

Below is an illustration of the summary trademark information provided in IP EDGE (in this case, a fictional clothing company called "Urban Cyclone.") By simply clicking on the "View" icons, you can obtain detailed status and docketing information. IP EDGE allows our clients to partner with us in maintaining global portfolios.