Practice Areas

Patent Prosecution


Symbus patent attorneys average almost 20 years of experience and have collectively managed thousands of patent applications. Our attorneys are experts in all phases of patent prosecution, from disclosure interviews, patentability searches, and drafting and filing of domestic and international patent applications, through the examination process to issuance of granted patents. With current clients of all sizes and in fifteen different countries, we understand the value of counsel tailored to the specific needs of each individual client. From multinational corporations to individual inventors, we guide our clients through the complex procedures of patent examination to obtain the strongest patent protection to which an invention is entitled.


Technical Expertise

Our patent attorneys are experienced in a variety of fields, including mechanical and electrical devices, semiconductors, telecom, computer hardware and computer software, business methods, networks, nanotechnology and material science, medical devices, optics, biotechnology and cosmetics. Specialized technologies require patent attorneys with specific expertise to achieve the best results. Symbus has customized drafting procedures to account for the particularities of law in each area.


Foreign Patent Prosecution

Symbus patent attorneys routinely file PCT international patent applications and manage the filing of direct applications in countries outside the United States. A patent attorney’s knowledge of international and local rules and procedures can gain or lose patent protection in dozens of countries. 

PCT International Applications

PCT international patent applications offer applicants unique opportunities to obtain early search results, resolve prosecution issues prior to selecting individual countries for entry, and ultimately to expedite examination worldwide, while reducing overall costs dramatically for foreign filers. Detailed knowledge of the unique PCT procedures is essential to selecting and executing the appropriate actions at the international stage to achieve your global prosecution goals. Symbus patent attorneys are experienced in navigating PCT procedures to obtain maximum benefit for our clients.

Foreign Filings

Over the years, we have built up a worldwide network of trusted local patent agents to assist our clients in adapting their patent applications to the unique requirements of local laws. Management of foreign filings through Symbus minimizes costs and maximizes value by coordinating worldwide prosecution strategies and disclosure requirements, reducing search costs related to selection of local agents, utilizing only vetted and proven agents, and leveraging our own extensive experience in each country to streamline the collaboration process.