A Tour of Duty: Symbus Provides In-House Secondment Trademark Attorney Services

I am pleased to announce the new Symbus “secondment” services. If your trademark team needs an attorney on location to assist with a special long term project or to provide coverage for an employee on family leave, consider contacting me at Symbus Law Group. U.S. attorneys are often unaware of the concept of secondment attorneys … Continue reading »


Why You Should Obtain a Trademark Registration for Your Blog Name

A friend of mine recently asked me if a blog name could be protected as a trademark. The answer is yes. In fact, if you have a blog or are thinking about starting a blog you may want to look into obtaining a federal trademark registration for your blog name. Why go to the trouble? … Continue reading »


Naming A New Product? Don’t Go It Alone!

Ever try to name a new product? If so, you might have created the name on your own or with a group of employees at your company. Perhaps you even had a contest to encourage everyone at your company to participate and name your great invention. You then contacted your attorney or legal department to … Continue reading »