Under Armour v. Life Armour: Symbus Defending Another Trademark Bullying Case

Following its recent success in the Livestrong v. Kidstrong trademark opposition (Symbus Blog, February 19, 2013), Symbus has taken on another trademark bullying case, this one involving a trademark opposition filed by athletic clothing giant Under Armour against Symbus client Life Armour. The Under Armour v. Life Armour case is the most recent in a … Continue reading »


Livestrong v. Kidstrong: Symbus Client Kidstrong Prevails in Trademark Bullying Case

We are pleased to report that the Livestrong Foundation has withdrawn its trademark opposition against our client Kidstrong Enterprises. As we previously reported in this space, the Foundation filed an opposition against Kidstrong, alleging that Kidstrong’s application to register the trademark PROSTRONG, which covers dietary beverages, violated its rights in the mark LIVESTRONG. Kidstrong responded … Continue reading »


Janice Housey of Symbus Appointed to INTA Panel of Neutrals

The International Trademark Association (INTA) has appointed Janice Housey, a partner at Symbus Law Group, to its Panel of Neutrals. INTA created the Panel as a part of its alternative dispute resolution program (ADR) to resolve trademark and unfair competition disputes without litigation. INTA maintains high standards for its neutrals. To meet these standards, neutrals … Continue reading »


Why You Should Obtain a Trademark Registration for Your Blog Name

A friend of mine recently asked me if a blog name could be protected as a trademark. The answer is yes. In fact, if you have a blog or are thinking about starting a blog you may want to look into obtaining a federal trademark registration for your blog name. Why go to the trouble? … Continue reading »


A Day in the Life of a “Virtual” Trademark Lawyer

The first thing I do is look out my window at the undulating landscape of the Virginia countryside and think to myself, “I’m not climbing into a lawyer suit.  I’m not fighting traffic to the corner of Pennsylvania and L Street.”  I did that for about 18 years, so I think I put in my … Continue reading »


Protect Your Business Name!

A “Trade Name” Is Not A “Trademark” Did you know that your business name, i.e., your “trade name,” is not a trademark?  Many people use the terms trademark and trade name interchangeably and this causes confusion in the business community. Trade names are how we identify our businesses. Trademarks are how we identify our products, … Continue reading »


The Virtues of the Virtual Firm

What is a “virtual” law firm, and what are the pros and cons of using one, as opposed to the traditional law firm? A “virtual” law firm is one which relies primarily on electronic practices and is, in the best of circumstances, an application service provider (ASP) that serves the client in new and innovative … Continue reading »