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Avoiding Trademark and Domain Name Scams

It’s only a matter of time.  If you own a trademark application or registration, at some point, you are going to receive a fraudulent request to make a payment or take some other unnecessary action relating to the trademark or a related domain name.  At first glance, these fraudulent requests may appear legitimate, but they …

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Do You Want Your Brand Associated with an Adult Web Site?

You may have already heard that the adult industry will soon have its own .XXX generic top level domain.  Trademark owners that do not want to have their trademarks registered as part of an adult site can apply to “block” registration of a particular .XXX domain name. The most likely targets for the .XXX problem …

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Conduct An Annual Trademark Portfolio Review

Do your New Year’s Resolutions include a thorough review of your business’ trademark portfolio? If your business is like many others sometimes important but not urgent matters get put off for far too long. Matters that if caught early would have been simple to correct can be much more costly to resolve if they are …

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