Janice Housey of Symbus Appointed to INTA Panel of Neutrals

The International Trademark Association (INTA) has appointed Janice Housey, a partner at Symbus Law Group, to its Panel of Neutrals. INTA created the Panel as a part of its alternative dispute resolution program (ADR) to resolve trademark and unfair competition disputes without litigation.

INTA maintains high standards for its neutrals. To meet these standards, neutrals must have substantive legal knowledge coupled with training in mediation, be held in high regard in the legal community, and  make a commitment to continue to gain relevant knowledge through experience and training during their tenure on the Panel.

Ms. Housey was chosen among a large number of qualified applicants, cited by INTA as an attorney whose experience and proven abilities will permit her to make a significant contribution to ADR in the field of trademarks.

The INTA Panel of Neutrals is the world’s only panel of mediators who are skilled in both trademark and unfair competition law and trained in mediating disputes.  According to INTA, the success rate for mediation as a tool for resolving trademark disputes is about 70%.

Symbus is committed to helping its clients seek cost-effective solutions to its intellectual property issues and believes that meditation and other ADR solutions should often be considered for many types of intellectual property disputes.  Ms. Housey’s appointment recognizes the Symbus commitment to being innovators in the practice of intellectual propert y.