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U.S. Patent Claims: An Introduction for the Patent-Newbie

If you are reading this, then some twist of fate has created a compelling need for you to become acquainted with one of the fundamental concepts in U.S. patent law, namely patent claims. Welcome, patent newbie! For most lay people, patent law is like a giant loaf of dry white toast. And, newbie, you’re about …

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The Importance of the Rocket Docket Under the America Invents Act

The America Invents Act (AIA) has elevated the status of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia (Eastern District).  The Eastern District is a speedy no-nonsense federal court with the well-earned reputation as the “Rocket Docket.”  The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is located in Alexandria, Virginia, a short …

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Patent Office After Final Consideration Pilot (AFCP) 2.0 Launched

After receiving a final Office Action, a patent applicant typically has a decision to make whether to appeal the decision or to request continued examination by the Examiner assigned to the application. If allowance of the application can be achieved by correcting informalities, the Examiner usually permits that without the filing of a Request for …

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Establishing Internal Corporate IP Policies and Patenting Strategies

Effective internal IP policies encourage the development of new and valuable IP assets, ensure that your company is identifying potentially protectable IP it is creating already, assist with determining what IP to protect, and how, on a rational basis, and reduce litigation risks at all stages of development.

Need A Trademark Or Patent Lawyer To Manage End Of The Year Projects? Consider In-House Secondment Attorney Services

Now that summer is drawing to a close in-house counsel must gear up to address those end of the year rush projects. I worked as in-house counsel for over eighteen years and without fail the fourth quarter always proved to be our busiest. After a summer break our in-house clients worked feverishly to accomplish those …

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Key Elements of a Patent Program for Small Companies

There are many reasons why even small companies should consider implementing a program under which key inventions can be identified and protected through the filing of a patent application in the United States and/or in selected countries outside of the US.  For example, for patent applications that mature into issued patents, proprietary processes, systems and …

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