Symbus Receiving Significant Press Coverage for Role in Trademark Bullying Case

Symbus has recently received significant press coverage for its defense of Kidstrong Enterprises in a trademark case filed by the Lance Armstrong Foundation. This is an important case because Kidstrong’s defense is based, in part, on allegations of “trademark bullying”—a trademark owner’s unreasonable interpretation of the scope of its rights for the purpose of intimidating … Continue reading »


Need A Trademark Or Patent Lawyer To Manage End Of The Year Projects? Consider In-House Secondment Attorney Services

Now that summer is drawing to a close in-house counsel must gear up to address those end of the year rush projects. I worked as in-house counsel for over eighteen years and without fail the fourth quarter always proved to be our busiest. After a summer break our in-house clients worked feverishly to accomplish those … Continue reading »


A Tour of Duty: Symbus Provides In-House Secondment Trademark Attorney Services

I am pleased to announce the new Symbus “secondment” services. If your trademark team needs an attorney on location to assist with a special long term project or to provide coverage for an employee on family leave, consider contacting me at Symbus Law Group. U.S. attorneys are often unaware of the concept of secondment attorneys … Continue reading »


Do You Want Your Brand Associated with an Adult Web Site?

You may have already heard that the adult industry will soon have its own .XXX generic top level domain.  Trademark owners that do not want to have their trademarks registered as part of an adult site can apply to “block” registration of a particular .XXX domain name. The most likely targets for the .XXX problem … Continue reading »


Official Marks: The Canadian IP Superpower

We Canadians have an unusual form of IP protection that you may not have heard about. No, it is not a special form of patent for our hockey players, though someone once asked me if they might be protected by a geographical indication. Have you ever heard of an Official Mark? No? Are you sitting … Continue reading »


Trademarks and Service Marks: A (Picky) Primer

Now, before you conclude that I’m insulting your intelligence (I’m informed that all of our followers are brilliant), I’ll just say that I know many CEOs that don’t know the difference between a trademark and a service mark. They also don’t have a clue about which symbol to use, and when. So here it is … Continue reading »


Os, (R)s and TMs

I recently wrote a blog post about my high-efficiency grocery shopping habits. In it, I characterized a fellow shopper by the contents of her shopping cart including the ubiquitious Honey Nut Cheerios ®. Now, I did not include the ® symbol in my piece, even though I am a trade-mark lawyer and, technically speaking, I … Continue reading »


Why You Should Obtain a Trademark Registration for Your Blog Name

A friend of mine recently asked me if a blog name could be protected as a trademark. The answer is yes. In fact, if you have a blog or are thinking about starting a blog you may want to look into obtaining a federal trademark registration for your blog name. Why go to the trouble? … Continue reading »


Naming A New Product? Don’t Go It Alone!

Ever try to name a new product? If so, you might have created the name on your own or with a group of employees at your company. Perhaps you even had a contest to encourage everyone at your company to participate and name your great invention. You then contacted your attorney or legal department to … Continue reading »


Opening a restaurant? A Federal Registration is a Must!

Over the years, I have been involved in a number of expensive, dragged-out restaurant name disputes. It’s a shame, because in almost every case, all the trouble could have been avoided if a federal registration of the restaurant name had been acquired when the restaurant opened. Some restaurateurs believe that if they only have a … Continue reading »

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